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If you have a question, a problem, or a comment, send us an e-mail. We love
hearing from you and we will try to help you solve your turtle problems.

It will be nicer for us to address our reply to you if you provide your first name.

We get many requests to help identify turtles. Our first question is to ask you where
you live or where you found the turtle. So please provide the state in which you live;
it will save us time. And the more information you can provide us, the quicker we can
identify the turtle. Do not embed the pictures in the body of your email;
send all pictures as "attachments" to your email.

We also get many questions we have tried to provide answers to via our
behind-the-scenes tours. See the tours on the Raising Baby Turtles page and the
Backyard Turtles page. If you do not find answers in the tours, ask us.
We answer all email.

We get a great deal of spam. Please include the word "Turtle" in the subject line
of your email so your email is not discarded with the junk mail.

Some of you block all incoming email except approved senders. If you ask us a question,
pre approve us first. After we take the time to respond, we will not ask permission
to be approved after we get an automatic response telling us our email was blocked.
We answer too much email to worry about being on someone's approved list.

Note: the following is a new email address as of May 15, 2018.

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If you do not receive an answer after several days, there is a problem
somewhere. Try again. We want to answer your questions!

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